Rebels Philosophy

We are a training institution for the game of soccer. The goal of the Rebels Soccer Club is to train, coach, teach, and develop the players physically, emotionally and philosophically. We target high-intensity skill development at the younger ages, with progressive knowledge and tactics of the game. Sportsmanship, character, and discipline are stressed and expected from all players, parents, coaches, and administrators of the club.

Players and teams will be developed to their highest capability, as they grow with the club. We welcome committed soccer players who want to play at the highest level, and who are prepared to train hard, have fun, and develop as a player and person.

Through the development and retention of our players, we expect to have one of the strongest clubs in San Diego. We will achieve our goal through the following process:

  • Bring strong coaches to the club, whose first priority is the development of players, and building of the club as a whole.
  • Build the top team in each age bracket. Coaches from the top teams will have first selection of all players at tryouts, including new players to the club.
  • Players selected by the coach of the top team are encouraged to play with that team or can play in another team, it is at the parents/players choosing.
  • All incoming players will play on age when feasible. Coaches are to check all dates of birth prior to tryouts and place players with the correct teams.
  • We expect all coaches on the club, and particularly on each age bracket, to work together in the development every player. (Movement of players between teams)
  • It is critical to recruit players to the Club and to individual teams, with proper balance.
  • The coach of the top team in each age group will observe all incoming players before they are placed on a team.
  • An attempt will be made to keep the teams intact during the Presidio League season. However, we may direct player movement prior to Presidio, County, and State Cups.

A major focus is to ultimately build all Rebels teams to the highest playing level – AAA / Premier.

Our organization is here to build the Rebels to its highest pinnacle. We are not individual teams or coaches. We strive to do what is best for the club in order to succeed.

Commitment to Excellence

The Rebels are one of the "premiere" clubs in San Diego County. Our coaching staff is reputable & professional.

A primary goal is to develop all players to their highest physical, emotional, and soccer potential.

We are a competitive soccer club that believes in winning via player development; taking into account a child's self-esteem.

A major focus is to obtain responsible, energetic, and competitive volunteers, that are prepared to work hard in helping to shape the Rebels Soccer Club vision.

We continue to move forward in organizing and stabilizing the infrastructure of the Rebels, in order to provide a positive experience for all Rebels club members.

Additionally, auxiliary board positions are available to assist the club in coordinating fundraising events, practice fields, seeking club sponsorships, and uniform coordinator. Also needed is a tournament committee to explore the Rebels Tournament opportunity.

Please feel free to contact me via email or phone.

Steve Contreras
President, Rebels Soccer Club
(619) 871-1068